Monday, 9 January 2017

General's little peasant wife

将军的农家小妻 General's little peasant wife
by阳光小叶 Yang Guang Xiao Ye (Sunshine little leaves)

I have fallen in love with this novel <3
At first I thought it would be same as VGAFH. But god no, it definitely not VGAFH. Just happen to be that the female lead(FL) has transmigrated and the male lead(ML) is a general. 
At the start the FL was told by her boyfriend (in the current life and past life) that he want her to be his concubine but will have the treatment as the main wife. Then FL broke up with him and set her dwelling alight. She left and settled down in a ordinary village near the mountain. Girls in the village look up and envy her embroidery skills and that's how trouble begin to brew. The FL isn't like other FL I seen. She gives the offenders chances and when the third chance is gone, prepare to suffer. And another difference to VGAFH's FL is that this FL has a very very special background she created for her ex-boyfriend, which is then used for her husband. Psss...the ex regretted it so much later on.
Where does the ML come in this?  And why is a general in a small little village? Well, one thing for sure is that the ML pop up earlier then his male counterpart in VGAFH. Here's a little spoiler, the  general is actually hiding away from his scheming family as a hunter in the village. When he first met the FL he didn't have much interest in her... 
Hehehe, I'm not going to tell you how their romance sparked but this novel is packed with drama, excitement, twins, poison bugs, fighting and lots of doting and teasing ^-^

Here's synopsis-

A transmigrated, parent-less orphan girl, originally she was accompanied by her boyfriend. but in a moment her world collapsed. in order to get high social position he said: "Yao er, you become my equal wife.(two wife of man with equal status)"One sentence and one slap broke her dream. And also for the two of them's two worlds of love painted really perfect period.Se hurriedly left, secluded herself in mountains. Intends to find an honest person to live together this life. However, shortly after marriage she found out that the originally honest person wasn't so honest. "Aren't you an ordinary hunter?" She glared at the pretending to be innocent man angrily. Things ended like this? Of course not, the story has just begun from the moment she wants to change her own future.

Here's the raw source:

Would really like to translate this but got more then enough on my plate. Hope someone will translate this someday, 

Here's so other recommendation that was mentioned to me by readers. Hope someone consider translating these too.


  1. I hope that you will translate more (we readers should help!). I have one objection to the title picture: is this the look of Chinese peasant girl from the times before they knew cotton -- a silk dress and beautifully done hair? And she looks at least sixteen.

    1. She is around marriageable age, (so 15-17, 18 people start calling you old lady) at the start of the novel and she is rich and was called the most beautiful in the village and have embroidery skills that the girls envy. I'm not that good with chinese history so don't know the exact time.
      I guess the picture does match, and it's one I saw from 69shu.