Monday, 23 January 2017

GEWW character table

Here's the link to the GEWW up-to-date character table!

Some Character's name meaning

Yun Luo Feng
云 -Cloud
落 -to Fall, to Suffer, to Leave, to Record, to Decline, fall behind, missing or generous
枫 - Maple

So Cloud Falling Maple or Cloud Generous Maple?

Yun Luo
云 -Cloud
- ?/old name of several rivers

Hmm... Cloud and River?

Yun Qing Ya
云 -Cloud
清 -Clear, pure, quiet, settled, get rid of or purge
雅 -Elegant or proper

Cloud pure elegance? Cloud purge properly?

Xiao Mo
小 -Small/Little
陌 -footpath/street or unfamiliar (from 陌生).

Gao Ling
高  -High, tall, above average or loud
陵  -mound, tomb, hill or mountain

Mu Xing Chou
慕  -Admire
行  -walk,travel,capable,behaviour, in circulation, ok
仇  -enemy, hatred, hostility

Admire the hostile behaviour, so true. You'll see what I mean later on.

Mu Wu Shuang
慕  -Admire
无  -Not have
双  -Pair
无双 = unparalleled/unmatched/incomparable/unrivaled

Very ambitious name. Admire the unrivaled... a pity it's going to be thrown into the dirty water.

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