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--Sponsored Chapter--
by Alexandra, Anna, Van tu.

Yun Family's number one genius, Yun Qing Ya (part 2)
Translated by Maggie    Edited by Simple

"That's right," Yun Luo wryly smiled. "I dedicated myself to the country, back then when I was in mortal danger he didn't help. When I left Long Yuan Country for a decade, he did not even take good care of you; I have lost both your parents for this country. I can not afford to lose you too, but I'm already old and can only protect you for a few more years. If your Second Uncle can recover, you may be able to live under his protection.”

Yun Luo dare not imagine, if one day his oil lamp has been burnt out, how would this girl live on the mainland?

"What did you just say?"

For a moment, Yun Luo Feng felt her ears were having problems; a bit incredulous she asked again: "You said Second Uncle? Isn't Second Uncle already......"

"Feng'er, back then you were too young and some things we couldn't let you know; or your Second Uncle's life will once again be in danger." Yun Luo sighed and said, "In fact, your uncle did not die, he has always been alive. But unfortunately, after the supposed death of your Second Uncle, those people that tried to kill your Second Uncle have been keeping an eye on the Yun Family. At least up until a few years ago, those people just left; even so, I did dare not let your Second Uncle appear, because if that force knew, then once again will they come to kill your Second Uncle. They would even not let the Yun Family off!"

That year's matter, not only did it cause Yun Qing Ya's heart to be in pain, but it also caused him to be in pain as well!

If Yun Qing Ya had not met with misfortune, then the Yun Family would not be reduced to this state today!

Do not look at the current power in his hand, since this power is still the Royal Family's to control; if they want him to return, he had to.

"Grandpa, is what you say true? Uncle is still alive?" Yun Luo Feng's eyes flashed for a second.

Toward this uncle, she had always been full of curiosity. And now that he still alive and in this world, how can she not be excited?

"Your Second Uncle really didn't die, but his body is disabled; in fact, if the those Royal Physicians had a chance to help out, then your Uncle would not have become the way he is now. Now, he can not walk, his Soul Realm is wasted and he can no longer recover."

"Grandpa, I want to see Second Uncle!"

Yun Luo Feng raised her beautiful face and firmly said.

Since she had the Medical God's Code in her hand, no matter what kind of incurable disease, she has the confidence to heal it.

However, before that, she must first look at Yun Qing Ya; then she will know which remedy is suitable!


The dark, humid chamber and moist pavement, made Yun Luo Feng frown slightly.

At the side, Yun Luo did not see her face, so he kept on talking. "Over the years, in order to avoid that force's eyes and ears, your Uncle has been living here. I let my confidant send him food and water every day.”

His voice fading, the two walked to a stone chamber. Yun Luo pressed a switch on the wall and a bang rang out as the stone chamber door was opened.

Inside it was not as wet as outside; it was clean, elegant, and had a sandalwood scent.

In the wheelchair was a man holding a book. His mouth gently rose, curving into a slight arc, and then he heard the door's opening. Slowly he raised his head, his cold eyes looking at one old and one small person at the door, gradually his eyes warmed.

A really elegant, cantabile-like, virtue, magnificent, peerless man.

After Yun Luo Feng saw that man's stunning appearance, she can not help but sigh; "Grandpa, the people say the Crown Prince Gao Ling is the Long Yuan Country's number one, handsome man. But I think this title is more suited for Uncle. Compared with Uncle, Gao Ling is nothing at all."

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