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The Crown Prince’s visit part-5
Translated by Maggie    Edited By Simple

"Does Crown Prince not understand human words?" Yun Luo Feng's brow slightly pinched, her eyes glanced over to Jing Lin who was at the side; her lips still wearing that evil smile."I refused his treatment, not because I want to pester you, but... With his medical skill, he doesn't have the ability to cure my constitution.”

According to Xiao Mo, her being unable to practice is not caused by the disease, but because her constitution is too special. So, even if Jing Lin medical skills are great, it is still impossible to make her become like ordinary people.

Jing Lin's eyes suddenly become extremely fierce, coldly saying, "Yun Luo Feng, to treat a trash like you, would be a waste of herbs. If it wasn't for the Crown Prince's goodwill, you think I would pay attention to you? Since you do not need me for treatment, then you can be a waste for your whole life! Can you really be so stupid, such a good opportunity you have given up!”


Yun Luo smashed the table, this time he used a great amount of power; in an instant, the table was broken into two parts, tea spilling onto the ground.

"Jing Lin, what are you treating my place as? Even if my granddaughter is a waste, there are millions of lions in my Yun family supporting her from behind; and no one dared to bully her one bit!"

"Good, very good!"

Jing Lin was extremely angry and maliciously laughed, "Yun Luo, since you underestimate us the royal physician, do not regret it in the future! When you are seriously injured and can not be treated, do not come to the palace and invite us!"

"Oh!" Yun Luo sneered, curled his lips and snarled. "Ten years ago, my second son Yun Qing Ge was seriously injured, originally you as the royal physician could have cured him; yet, the result was, I went to the palace to invite you, and no one helped out! You devastated my first son, and caused my second son to die as well! And, if you really wanted to help my granddaughter, when her body appeared to have problems and could not cultivate that year, why you did not help? But now you stand up and pretend to be benevolent? So, do you think if I suffered a serious injury or some other disease, I would put down my pride and beg you?"

Hearing the old guy's voice carrying hatred, Yun Luo Feng's eyes flashed an awe-inspiring light; it seems like once these people go, she would have to ask this old guy about what's actually going on with her father and uncle's death!

"Fine!" Jing Lin gritted his teeth, "Crown Prince, I see that you do not need to go to such pains for Yun Luo Feng, that Trash. These Yun family's people, there's no cure for anyone. Hmph!"

Having said this, he flung his sleeves, turned toward outside the hall and left; however, when he reached the door, with his back to Yun Luo, he ferociously said: "Yun Luo, in the future if you want your granddaughter to be treated, even if you knelt down and begged me, I would not help your Yun family!"

"Scram! My granddaughter does not need you to worry about her, as long as I live, I will not let anyone hurt her!”

Yun Luo's face scowled, and even cursed, apparently he was heavily angered by Jing Lin.

Gao Ling looked at Yun Luo, and no longer said anything. He quickly walked out, but before he left, he involuntarily swept a glance at Yun Luo Feng.

Those eyes, they were still filled with disgust as usual.

"Old Man..."

"Call me Grandpa!"

Yun Luo angrily sat down, staring at Yun Luo Feng in a bad mood.

Yun Luo Feng touched her nose: "Grandpa, that year, what happened with my parents and second uncle? You can talk about it with me."

"Ah," hearing this, Yun Luo suddenly become dispirited; he was probably recalling matters from the past.  His eyes filled with grief, "This is a long story; when your father was a minor Long Yuan General, he was sent by his Majesty to battle with the enemy's army. The result, today's Prime Minister Mu divulged the fighting intelligence, which caused your parents to killed by the enemy, both were killed! Because of this matter, I and Mu Xing Chou that rascal fought, and sent troops to trample his mansion."

Maggie-Sorry guys, was rushing to post this on schedule so didn't get to get Simple to edit it. I was substituting my ill colleague at work, so was on shift all week and trying to going through the bulk of translation I ordered myself to do and time flew by. My last week of 2016 is over and haven't got last several chapters edited (some may have noticed) T.T


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