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22. Chapter 22 First Meeting with Mu Wu Shuang (2)
Translated by Maggie   Edited by Marci 

    Yun Luo Feng looked at the wall of pasted questions. Of those problems  not one was challenging or interesting. She couldn’t help but be disappointed. Just when she wanted to turn away, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a problem that made her halt.

    "I would like to ask, if one was not careful and ingested the Man Luo poison, how can it be treated?"

    Man Luo poison is from a plant called Man Luo that produced highly toxic flowers. If poisoned, the person will increasingly age until death. Currently in Long Xiao continent, it is indeed difficult to solve the problem of Man Luo poisoning .


    Before she came to buy herbs, she random flicked through some medical books and just so happened to turn to the page about Man Luo poison.
    Probably on a whim, Yun Luo Feng wrote down the detoxification method under the question. Then, she placed the brush in her hand and went toward the center of the big hall.
    From beginning to end, no one to saw this white clothed girl leaving a few strokes on the paper.

    "Miss, the herbs you want, I have prepared them for you."

Just when Yun Luo Feng reached the middle of the hall, that male individual in blue clothes came in front of her while  holding the herbs. His face still had that polite smile: "A total of five million taels of silver.”

    "Five million tael? That expensive?"

    Yun Luo Feng's nerves twitched a bit. This is the first time she realized that the general manor is so poor.

    Moreover, these herbs were only enough for her to soak for a day. If she bought enough to last five days, she’s afraid that the general manor's treasury would not be enough for her to squander.
    It seems like it’s time for her to make some money ... ...

    "So the dignified General Manor's Miss is short on money."

    Suddenly, a sarcastic voice came from the Medical Pavilion door.

    The crowd followed the sound and looked. The first thing that caught their eye was that Mu Wu Shuang dressed in a goose yellow flannel dress, seeming noble and elegant and whose whole body was covered with endless charm, while those by her side provided a sharp contrast.

    She is like flower standing among a pile of cow dung, beautiful and delicate, a fragrant scent assailing the nose.

The one who opened her mouth to ridicule Yun Luo Feng was Mu Wu Shuang’s little follower, Wu Qi, who stood by her side.

    After all, toward people like Yun Luo Feng, Mu Wu Shuang always showed disdain and filled with attitude; not opening her proud mouth, even from the door to now, she did not spare Yun Luo Feng a glance.

    Yun Luo Feng rubbed her nose. To see Mu Wu Shuang appearing here, it seems like she didn't hear the news about her beating Mu Shen... ...

    "Shopkeeper Lin."
    Mu Wu Shuang walked around Yun Luo Feng, to go to the blue clothed man standing in front of her, changing the previous glamorous elegance to a beautiful face with a touch of chuckle.

    "Is Old Rong in today? If he is, then can I trouble Shopkeeper Lin to inform him that Wu Shuang came to visit."

    This is the Medical Pavilion!

    Even if the other person is just a small shopkeeper, as the prime minister’s Miss, Mu Wu Shuang must be polite and did not dare go beyond.

   Shopkeeper Lin frowned, his face still displayed a polite smile: "Sorry ah, Old Rong has gone on a long journey, and still has not come back. Miss Wu Shuang please return."

Mu Wu Shuang’s smiling face stiffened. Because she received news that Old Rong came back, she came to see and did not think that these people, wouldn’t  give her face.

   Even so, if she thought like this, Mu Wu Shuang's face still showed the same smile: "In that case, Wu Shuang has presumptuously caused a disturbance again. If Old Rong came back, please inform me soon then Wu Shuang will carry gifts to call for a visit."


         The blue robed man made a please posture, as if Mu Wu Shuang was definitely going to leave.
   Mu Wu Shuang's stomach simmered with anger that couldn’t come out. But she had to maintain a noble and elegant smile, so when no one saw it, she winked to the follower at her side, Wu Qi.

   Wu Qi immediately knew what it meant., Looking at Yun Luo Feng who had yet to depart, she sneered: "Yun Luo Feng, what are you freezing there for? Since you can't take out money to buy medicine, immediately get out! The air in the place our Miss Wu Shuang appears must be kept fresh, but such good air is polluted by trash like you! "

   Wu Shuang needed to maintain her image outside. Naturally, she could not directly embarrass Yun Luo Feng, so this kind of thing was generally done by her little follower.

   Who made her stomach full of simmering rage with nowhere to vent, but this waste also happened to appear in this place!

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