Saturday, 10 September 2016

Village girl as the head of the family: picked up a general for farming (edited)

 Village Girl As Family Head: picked up a general for farming = 农女当家:捡个将军来种田
(This is the literal translation of the title)
by yi yi lan xi 依依兰兮

Edited by Pete

Dafang villagers are saying, that after her fiance's family  broke off the engagement, Lian family's eldest daughter temperament changed to be more shrewish. Lian Fangzhou thought to herself: not be shrewish? Both of her parents are dead, siblings still young, nobody to help out and there's not a few of bad-hearted people who come to bully. And there's also extremely funny uncle and aunt who are eyeing that pitiful amount of land and wanting to sell her to fill someone else's room (TLN: probably meant becoming a little wife/concubine)!To make her siblings indentured workers! If she is not to be shrewish, how else can she live? Is she supposed to be like this body previous owner, Lian Fangzhou, and die of anger? Want to quell these demons? Then carve out a wide path, with an angelic face which is like a floating cloud and yaksha-like means are the best.

Well, this is the novel i chosen to translate. Hope you guys will love it. I'll try to translate a chapter every fortnight at least and one chapter is pretty long, so i might split it into 2 parts. Not accepting donation for new chapters until later, as i want to see how people thought of the story.

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  1. Interesting. Hope to read more. Thank you.

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  3. I love it! I heart it! I luv it! I want to read the whole book in one night but I can't and that tears me up. It's ok do your best! Keep it up if possible but don't push yourself. Thank you! :)