Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Chapter 3 is ready and will be up on Friday. ^-^ 

EDITED: Ok slash that. I'll post it up later today day. It suddenly dawn me. How long will it take me to finish the novel!!!
Let's say I do 1 chapter a week, that'll be approx. 35 years(1845/52), 2 is half of that.
So if I do 1 everyday, approx. 5 years(1845/365) to finish 1845 chapters TT.TT
OMG!!! I'm either crazy to take 35 year to finish a translation work or will be tired to death, slaving away everyday. (And my poor team mates!)
So there will be a seriously deep discussion about this! Don't worry not gonna drop my first baby just after I picked it up. And it's too good to drop for now.

Enjoy the gallery for now.


Taken 2 years ago beside a park.

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