Sunday, 11 September 2016

Chapter 1 part 1- Awake (edited)

Translated by Maggie    Edited by Pete   Proofread by Simple

A shattering headache.

Zuo Mei gradually regained awareness and couldn't help but to feel surprise: she was still alive!
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She personally saw the car fall off the high cliff and could actually survive. So lucky!
This surprise made her suddenly sit up and open her eyes.

Beside the bed there were two boys and a girl. The older boy seemed to be around twelve and the other children couldn’t be more than eight or nine years old.

The three of them wore old, tattered clothes. The girl's attire was so old, that the pattern couldn't be made out.

"Did you guys... ... save me?" Zuo Mei asked. The boys had long hair that was tied into a high bun. She thought this was a secluded place where traditions were still kept and passed down, therefore she wasn't that surprised.

"Sister!" She saw the little girl go "Waaa" and cry onto her body. The girl continued in a sobbing tone, "Sister, don't die, don't die!"


Nearly thirty years old, Zou Mei couldn't help feeling her mood lift up. Internally she thought: this little girl can really flatter! At this age to be actually called "sister"...

Hearing her cry that pitifully, Zou Mei couldn't help but to reach out and hug her. She gently pat the kid.

The little girl's small body went slightly stiff. And then she hugged Mei stronger and snuggled tighter to her body.

"Fang Qing, quickly let go of sister. She can't breathe."

The bigger of the boys quickly reached out to pull the little girl called Fang Qing away.

Excitement could be heard clearly in his voice.

Fang Qing, being pulled away, let out a sob like a discontent kitten, but no longer stuck to Zou
Mei and obediently stood aside. She sniffed and looked at Zou Mei with her watery, beautiful eyes that were filled with attachment.

Zou Mei let out a big sigh and smiled gratefully at the bigger boy thinking: the biggest one is very mature!

"Where is this? You... What are you guys called?" Zou Mei smiled as she asked the older boy.

Hearing this, his eyes suddenly opened wide, looking at Zou Mei in shock. The four words, 'how is this possible' were written on his face.

Zou Mei's smile turned slightly stiff on her face. She couldn’t help the feeling that something was weird.

"SISTER!" She didn't get a chance to ask, as the little girl let out an earthshaking, mournful cry startling her.

"Sister! You can't recognize us? You don't want us? Waa...waa......" the little girl clung to her body again and burst into tears.

"Don't cry, don't cry! Sister wouldn't abandon us, definitely wouldn't!" the little boy sniffed. He looked like he was about to cry, but bit his lips to stifle it. He glanced at Zou Mei like he was wronged and tugged at Fang Qing's sleeve.

That appearance was extremely cute! He looked like he couldn’t bear to look at Zou Mei, as if she did something heartless.

"Sister," when the bigger boy regained his composure, he pulled the little girl away and let the little boy comfort his baby sister. He looked at Zou Mei with sadness in his eyes. "Sister, don't be like this. If that Yang family wants to break off the engagement, then let them! They just bully us since we got no dad or mum. Not marrying into that kind of family is good! Sister, I will take care of you, so don't be depressed. Alright?"


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