Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Chapter 1 part 2 (edited)

Translated by Maggie    Edited by Pete   Proofread by Simple

Zou Mei listened in a daze, she couldn’t understand what the bigger boy said, she felt that if she wasn’t crazy, then he definitely was!

Until she randomly looked at her own hands... Her brain went “whoosh” and exploded.

“Is there a mirror?” Zou Mei suddenly asked.

“Could you bring a basin of water!”  Zou Mei felt desperate again.

“I’ll go!” the little boy already finished coaxing Fang Qing and hearing Mei’s request he turned around and rushed out.

Not long after, he came back wobbling under the weight of a wooden basin. The older brother seeing this, rushed to help.

Zou Mei suddenly left the bed. The basin was placed on a broken old square table. She stuck out her head and took a look. The reflection shown her a pale oval face, very big eyes and dark red lips.

These delicate facial features were definitely not her near thirty year old face. Those small arms, thin legs and petite physique definitely belonged to a malnourished fourteen-fifteen year old girl.

Combined with the fact that a moment ago those siblings called her ‘sister’... Zou Mei’s body.

“Sister!” the bigger boy rushed to support her: “Are you alright? Do you want to sit down for a while?”

“I-----” Zou Mei opened and closed her mouth, she realised she didn’t know what to say.
She allowed the bigger boy to help her sit down. She glanced around what could be called the four walls of home. A pang of dismay flashed in her heart.

Sighing secretly, although her heart was a chaotic mess, she had to admit that she was forced to accept this reality

“I’m fine.” Zou Mei smiled reluctantly and said softly: “I will not die, from now on, we are a family……”

“Sister it’s great that you thought it through!” The bigger boy noded vigorously. He seemed a little bit excited. His mouth curved into a smile showing his white teeth.

Zou Mei felt that his thick brows and big eyes made him look really good when he laughed.

“Sister ! Sister !” Fang Qing rushed up to embrace her. Holding her as she sobbed like a spoiled child: “Sister will not die. Sister spoils me the most. I don’t want sister to die…”

Zou Mei smiled, and could not help but to hug her back strongly.

At the moment she could only take one step at a time. These three siblings weren’t that old. Judging by their words and expressions, they were attached to this sister. Getting information from their mouths shouldn’t be hard and no flaw should be revealed in her act---- at such a young age, would they understand reincarnation?


There was no pain nor sickness. No trace of scars on her neck. The body had no wounds and looked okay. Why did these little guys cry and clamour for her not to die?

“Just now, I ---what happened?” Zou Mei asked with a smile.

“Hua family’s fat woman came to our house again and yelled in our courtyard. Sister you listened, and in a moment collapsed onto the ground not breathing” Fang Qing explained quickly.

“The Hua family?” Zou Mei questioned slightly startled.

“Fang Qing!” the bigger boy quietly reproached and faced the puzzled Zou Mei. “Sister don’t you remember the Hua family?”

Zou Mei rubbed her temples smiling ruefully: “I don’t know why, but since I woke up my mind is a bit hazy. There’s lots of things I can’t remember clearly .

The bigger boy, as if suddenly realising something, nodded without suspicions and did not inquire any further. He then said: “Half a year ago our parents passed away in a flash flood in the mountains. Sister’s fiance’s family, the Yangs, wanted to break off the engagement ever since. But sister---”

The boy shot a troubled glance at Zou Mei.

Obviously the former Zou Mei was opposed to that development.

This couldn’t be blamed on her, family in poverty, no dad or mum, left with three underage siblings, once this engagement was broken, which family would be willing to marry her?

She smiled understanding and nodded, then asked: “What happened then?”

The bigger boy, seeing her let go of this issue, felt his spirits lift, and hurriedly continued: “The Yang family couldn’t break off the engagement, but at that time the Hua family’s daughter caught their eye. So they told the Hua family’s people that they have no idea how to make sister break off the engagement. The Hua old woman let her eldest daughter-in-law, Mrs Liu run to our house and heckle / holler. A moment ago, sister was angered by Mrs Liu greatly and fainted.

Fortunately sister is all right. Otherwise I would feud with Mrs Liu forever!   

So it was like that!

Zou Mei secretly sighed in her heart, your sister wasn’t angered to the point of fainting but actually died from fury!

That girl’s temperament was too volatile.

Suddenly a sharp voice came from outside the door, Zou Mei couldn’t help but listen.

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