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77. Cousin and Cousin (i.e. the biao older brother and the biao younger sister)

Cui Shao Xi smiled as he further questioned, “That’s right. Out of nowhere, why did you suddenly thought about plant cotton? Is this your parents’ idea? How come they didn’t come? Aren’t they worried about you and your sibling going out?”
As for Ah Jian, he was automatically overlooked by him.
Immediately, Lian Fang Zhou’s expression became twisted but she knew he didn’t do it on purpose and replied, “No particular reason, I just wanted to try.”

In this world, there’s a type of people who loves to put out their misfortunate wounds for everyone to see and their sympathy and compassion. There is also a type of person who refuses to be pitied and charity. Their matter should only be known and solved by themselves.
Lian Fang Zhou clearly belonged to the latter, so she didn’t answer Cui Shao Xi’s last few questions.
Cui Shao Xi wasn’t someone who wants to get to the root of things. His words were just something he said without thinking, so he didn’t notice that Lian Fang Zhou didn’t answer and said, “Is ten thousand liang enough? If it isn’t --”
“It’s enough!” Without waiting for him to finish, Lian Fang Zhou interrupted him. She politely explained, “I have calculated how much money each expense would take. The land cost, hiring people, buying seeds, etc. ten thousand liang is enough”
Cui Shao Xi could hear the displeasure carried within her words and realized that in a moment of forgetting himself, he overstepped the line. With his cheeks slightly flushed, he rushed to clarify, “I, I have no other intention. Don’t misunderstand!”

Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t really say anything with him acting like this. The displeasure on the inside also disappeared. She smiled back, “I didn’t misunderstand. I know you meant well and I thank your kindness.” 

“That's right!” Cui Shao Xi let out a breath, after a short contemplation, he continued, “It’s not a good idea to hire people. How about buying a few honest and hard-working ones. With the indenture in hand, it’s more reliable.”
Lian Fang Zhou initially thought like that, nodded in agreement, “What you say is reasonable. I’ll consider it.”

Even though cotton will definitely receive a large scale promotion within these few years, but she will do the utmost to fight for the most advantageous time as long as possible. Then as for the technique for managing the plant, she needs to keep some part confidential.

Cui Shao Xi was so delighted that she agreed with him, he prepared to offer her help in choosing servants. But unexpectedly, Su Xin-er came out of nowhere and cried out ‘cousin’ in joy as she bolted over.

Lian Fang Zhou was startled, raised her eyes to see a beautiful little miss dresses in a rose embroidered, pink brocade overdress with narrow sleeve and attached with cream-colored twill, pleated skirt with a lockstitch. She has a beautiful appearance, looked dainty and cute, a pair of big, bright eyes that reflect youth and ignorance, and she was smiling sweetly. That pair of eyes could only see Cui Shao Xi and did not notice her (Lian Fang Zhou) at all.
Lian Fang Zhou silently retreated to the side.
This little miss’s identity was indirectly revealed when she uttered ‘Cousin!’. Her gaze toward Cui Shao Xi carried unconcealed fascination and deep love, making Lian Fang Zhou wishing to disappear immediately.

“HALT! ”Cui Shao Xi lowly yelled. Brows slightly knitted as he stepped backward, questioned, “Do you have some matters with me?”

From when her eyes first laid on Cui Shao Xi, Su Xin-er’s gaze was like it was stuck to his body and could not be removed. She didn’t care about his yell and refusal. From the eyes to the face it was immersed in lovestruck happiness, she tenderly smiled, “Cousin, where did you go? I couldn’t find you anywhere!”

In a split second, Cui Shao Xi's good mood fall to the rock bottom. This cousin is extremely tough to deal with. As if she could only hear her own words and other people's words, whether it was clearly stated or just a hint, it was completely disregarded.

What made people even dumbfounded was previously, once she saw him, she would come up and hold his arm. Naturally, he avoided it promptly and avoided it into a sorry state. Afterward, he tactfully told her not to do that, it'll affect her reputation. Who knew, that lass couldn't hear the underlying meaning and instead said she didn't care! She doesn't care, but he does!
At that time when he heard Su Xin-er’s words, Cui Shao Xi’s nose nearly distorted from anger.

Can't talk reason with her, so he might as well don’t. So from then on, when she grinned as she speed over to link with his arm, he would hastily retreat back and cried out 'Halt!'. And she did listen.

Cui Shao Xi probably didn’t notice, but whatever he said, Su Xin-er would always listen.

The time when Su Xin-er won't listen to him had yet to arrive. And when it does come, it'll cause him a lot of trouble.

Lian Fang Zhou saw that there was no point to stay anymore, head to Li ma and quietly spoke, "Da niang, let's go!"

"Alright." Li ma smiled. After some thought, she felt it wasn't right to just leave like this and stepped for to bow, "Young Miss, Cousin Master, this old servant will take my leave!"
Lian Fang Zhou didn't open her mouth, just curtsied with Li ma.

Su Xin-er didn't even bother with Li ma, while Cui Shao Xi's gaze couldn't help fall onto Lian Fang Zhou. He moved his lips, wanting to press her to stay but then thought of Su Xin-er made him lose the desire. He nodded his head as he spoke, "You leave first!"

Following Cui Shao Xi's gaze, Su Xin-er only then noticed Lian Fang Zhou. The little miss's eyes immediately widened, it was full of vigilance. She bluntly grilled, "Who are you? Why have I never seen you before?"

In the entire manor, Su Xin-er recognized all the big and small maids for no other reason than forbidding them from getting close to Cui Shao Xi.

Before when Cui Shao Xi came to Su Manor, all the big and small maids were excited. Those that actually dare have any other thoughts were very few. But it wasn't bad to have a feast for the eyes!

If anyone were appointed to serve Cousin Master, even if it were just to sweep Cousin master's courtyard, they would be so thrilled that they couldn't sleep for a few nights.

However, don't know when it started, but all those who served Cousin Master would suffer Young Miss's lessons without fail. Those who secretly peeked at Cousin Master and was discovered by Young Miss, had their face lacerated!
Now, whenever Cui Shao Xi came to Su Manor, only footboys served at his side ---originally there were still ugly, old woman, however, Cui Shao Xi couldn't bear to look at them and had them sent away.

As to those who sneakily look at him, only those who don't want to live dare to. When comparing eye candy and keeping their life, anyone knows how to choose.

Cui Shao Xi also faintly know about these matters, and because of it, he was disgusted Su Xin-er even more. He wasn't her private property, so these actions of her made him peeved.
"Weren't you looking for me for something? Tell me!" Seeing Su Xin-er targeting Lian Fang Zhou, Cui Shao Xi then spoke out.

Su Xin-er immediately cast aside Lian Fang Zhou, looked at Cui Shao Xi with her eyes filled with love bubble. Her face also slightly blushed with abundant coyness and uttered in a gentle voice and tone, "En, I, there's no much, just, just wanted to talk with cousin. Accompany cousin to relieve boredom! Is cousin used to your stay in our manor? No need to be polite, treat it as your own home......"

Her exhilarated heart was close to flying, as Su Xin-er kept talking endlessly!  Cousin took the initiative to speak with her! Does this mean cousin is starting to accept her? Complete sincerity really can affect even metal and stone!



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