Tuesday, 7 January 2020

IWCBP Teaser 1.1


Long time no see! ๐Ÿ˜

Christmas season is over and my work schedule tone down a bit, meaning I can pick up a new Novel to translate. But what to pick? I'm thinking of short novel, like under 500 chappies. Other than that, I got nothing. So this is where you guys come along. Recommend me some Chinese novel or I'll choose random one and I'll translate the synopsis and few chappies and you guys vote. Whichever reach 40 (cause it's 20+20) is the ONE! If this plan doesn't work out... ๐Ÿ˜ซ

Slรกn! And wish you guys the best this year!

Intro to novel- Immortal wife can't be provoked

1. Rebirth into a farming family

At this moment it was Xu-shi (7pm-9pm), the faint sun spilled down on the ground. Within the village, there are already a few households with cooking smoke emerging.

In a small corner of the village, there was a small thatched house. In front of the house was a small pen and within there were few skinny hens and a piglet.

A thin body girl that looked around ten and wore sackcloth clothes, had a bundle of firewood that was three times bigger than her over her back. After exhausting much effort, she raised a tiny hand to push open the thatched house's wooden door and took big steps in.

Inside the house, there are two stone beds side by side on the left side and a stove to the right. While the middle was a short wooden table and a few straw-weaved stools.

The little girl face slightly changed when she saw elder sister, who should have been resting on the bed, was crouching on the ground and held a rag that long lost its original color to rub a corner of the wooden table. Mother said, elder sister must not move around.

She hurriedly threw the firewood roughly toward the stove, stepped forward to snatch the rag and carefully brought the girl inside to sit on the stone bed. Her mouth nagged, "Elder sister, Mother had already said it countless times. Your injury has yet to recover. So how can you do this rough chore. It's better for me to do these."

That girl she supported was also covered in sackcloth clothing and appeared to be twelve-ish.

She wiped off the sweat that appeared on her forehead, weakly smiled, "Xiao He, I have rested on bed for more than a month. If I don't get out of bed and move around, my whole body will get moldy."

Hearing her words, Qing He's glared over. "Be injured in the sinews or bones required one hundred days. You only rest this much and start crying out. Uncle Lu already said that your injury need to be nursed for at least three months."

The Uncle Lu she mentioned was the only amateur doctor in the village. Whoever have some illness in the village, they would all look for him.

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