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Medical God's Code part 3
Translated by Maggie     Edited by Simple

“I know, but give me another chance, I will still do the same! On Long Xiao mainland, the weak are like ants! And I finally have a second chance; how can I easily give up? If I want to live it can only be done by becoming stronger!”

Hearing the voice of Yun Luo Feng, the little boy was stunned for a bit. At this moment, seeing that girl’s extending eyebrows filled with self-confidence, he was subconsciously dazed.

“Master, you want to become strong and I can help you!” The little boy’s eyes were firm, “I have to say, master, your luck is very good. With such a good quality physical body, although the people of this world say that the original Yun Luo Feng is a waste, it was because no one could help her practice. It should be said, that on the continent of Long Xia, no one could provide her with the correct way of practice. If it was following the ordinary way of practice, then this body would be full of unbearable pain! If it was forcibly practiced, you will definitely die because of too much blood loss!”

He paused, before saying: “But, Master, since you forcefully practiced and caused excessive bleeding, I was able to form a blood contract. Otherwise, I am afraid we would not have met so soon.”

Hearing this, the Yun Luo Feng felt move, asked: “You really can help me?

The little boy nodded his head. “Master, I am the guardian spirit of the Medical God’s Code, don’t look down on me because I’m small; in fact, I have lived for many years. This world has nothing that I don’t know of! In addition, does Master know what this place is?”

“What?” Yun Luo Feng eyebrow creased.

“This is the spiritual medicine space, inside this space, there is a very strong spiritual energy; of course, in addition to the usefulness to herbs, it is also a good absorption source for sorcerers. If you put outside herbs into the spiritual medicine space, those ordinary herbs will have spiritual energy; the effect is naturally incomparable to ordinary herbs,” said the little boy proudly. “Today’s Long Xiao spiritual energy is extremely rare on the mainland. There is no way of making spiritual plants; so, If you take out a stalk of spiritual plant, it is bound to cause a great sensation on the mainland.”

Yun Luo Feng looked at the little boy; “I know that humans and spiritual beasts can practice, but I have not heard of herbs that can also absorb spiritual energy.”

Once he heard these words, the little boy was a bit angry. He thought that Yun Luo Feng didn’t believe in his words, his pink jade carved face turned red in anger.

“What I said is true! Medicinal herbs need to rely upon spiritual energy in the world to grow, but now that the mainland has too little spiritual energy, it cannot be compared with the past. So it has been many years without a successful growth in spiritual herbs; look at those mainland’s doctors, they cure common stab wound patients with ordinary herbs which take a long time to recover. Some will even scar, if a doctor who has spiritual herbs use it on deep stab wounds it can be immediately restored. This is the spiritual herbs and ordinary herbs difference!”

The little boy said angrily: “In addition, healing is just one aspect of the spiritual herbs use. Some spiritual herbs can be used to help practice, and some are even able to directly make a sorcerer breakthrough!”



She had to say, Yun Luo Feng’s heart was moved, and her evil eyes flashed a mysterious light.

The little guy was still chattering. “And, even if one day your strength was destroyed, spiritual herbs can also restore you at the peak of power. But with your present strength, the spiritual medicine space can only open up such a small amount of land, so wait until your strength has made a breakthrough, it will have more land.”

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