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Medical God's Code part 2

Translated by Maggie Edited by Simple

“Master, you really did act recklessly; if it wasn’t for me waking you up in time, I’m afraid you would have died here today.”
A soft voice appeared in Yun Luo Feng’s mind, and then, her mind went completely blank. When she recovered, she found herself positioned within a narrow land … …
Standing in front of her was a little boy, wearing white clothes and looked like a pink jade carved cherub. it is clear that a moment ago the voice that appeared in Yun Luo Feng’s mind was from this little boy.
“Master, long time no see, I missed you.”
To see the emergence of Yun Luo Feng, the little boy smiled cutely; revealing two teeth and happily flew towards her.
Who knew that once the girl saw his movements, she hurriedly leaned over, moving out of his way.
The little boy did not have time to stop his footsteps and staggered to the ground. He fell like a dog eating mud; he then picked his little body up, with sad eyes staring at Yun Luo Feng. “Master, you are so cruel … “
“Wait!” Yun Luo Feng interrupted the little boy; while deeply frowning she asked,” Who are you? Where is this? Do we know each other? “
“Master, you have forgotten about me?” Once the little boy heard this remark, his mouth suddenly curled up like he was about to cry out. “If you didn’t pick me from the library, I am afraid there is no way for me to meet Master, I didn’t think that in a mere two weeks Master would forget me?
Yun Luo Feng was completely confused, this guy said what? What library?
“Master, I am the guardian of the spirit of the Medical God’s Code, you took me from the Hua Xia University’s library.”
Medical God’s Code
Like a frightening thundershock, Yun Luo Feng froze.
She accidently picked up the Medical God’s Code from the corner of the school library, but there was no record of the Medical God’s Code in the library; so the old man that was in charge of the library gave her this Medical God’s Code.
But, she didn’t know why, this Medicine God’s Code has always been unable to be opened, she exhausted all kind of methods but it was ineffective.
She didn’t expect that after being transmigrated, the Medical God’s Code also followed her here and would also pop out of a self-proclaimed guardian spirit of the Medical God’s Code that looked like a little boy?
“How can you be here?” Yun Luo Feng recovered and asked.
She would like to ask even more; is this why she crossed over to this continent?
Yun Luo Feng believed that this matter was definitely connected to this little guy!
“Master, before when you were doing an experiment in the laboratory, the results caused an explosion. It was I who took you to the Long Xiao mainland, or you would be dead.” The little boy proudly lifted his head, taking all the credit and then as if he remembered something, he became dejected. “Unfortunately, that place, Hua Xia’s spiritual energy didn’t exist. Not to mention practice, I can’t even bring you into the world within God’s Code, otherwise, you would not have suffered physical destruction because of that small explosion.”
Yun Luo Feng’s brows wrinkled, her lips evoked a touch of an evil smile. “Listening to the meaning of your words, you do not belong to Hua Xia?”
The little boy nodded his head, seriously replying: “I belong to the Long Xiao mainland, it is due to an accident that I appeared in Hua Xia; there, I was inadvertently picked up by you. But, Master, you were in serious danger, If I didn’t stop you, I am afraid you would have bled to death. “


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