74. We meet again (part 2)

Su Jing He gave Cui Shao Xi a strange look and then turned to look at Fang Qing, asking, "Why did I not hear that? Ten thousand liang isn't a small amount! Qing er, what are you about to do?"

He then became fawningly grinned, "Naturally I'll support whatever you do!"

Fang Qing rolled her eyes at him, in a quiet voice she criticized, "Whether you support or no, it'll have no effect!"

Su Jing He just heartily laughed, as if being rebuked by his wife made him happier.

Fang Qing internally sighed. Those words were true, but since Cui Shao Xi had heard an earful and asked about, she had no choice but to speak about it. So she explained, "It's not me who want to use it for something. It's my cousin who want to borrow it."
Cui Shao Xi and Su Jing He were surprised as they widened their eyes.

Su Jing He rubbed his head, cheerfully let out an 'oh' and talked no more.

Lian Fang Zhou nervously watched Su Jing He's expression. If his face changed and disapproval emerge in his appearance, then she's afraid it'll be much harder to borrow money! After all, ten thousand liang is a small sum of money. Even if he doesn't know now, Fang Qing will have to discuss with him later. Chances are, they might also need to ask Su Family's Master and Madame!

Cui Shao Xi was also startled when he saw Su Jing He had no signs of unhappiness or unwillingness. Her (Lian Fang Zhou) internal tension was then loosened by half.
Lian Fang Zhou couldn't help mentally sighed, 'Borrowing money isn't easy work to do!'
She vowed that from now on, she won't ever borrow money from other people.

Fang Qing directed a reassuring smile at Lian Fang Zhou, softly spoke, "There's no outsider here, let's continue our discussion just now! It's okay, you can talk however you like."

Su Jing He merrily piped in, "That's right! There's no mistake in what your cousin said!" You can discuss this kind of matter with her!"

Inside, Lian Fang Zhou was filled with gratitude and said "Many thanks, cousin-in-law!"

Then turned to tell Fang Qing, "Just now cousin asked what am I going to do with that money, I want to buy land, hire people and plant cotton. I don't know if cousin has heard that Yun He County was one the county town was chosen by the imperial government to introduce potato and cotton. I want to give it a try!"

It goings without saying that Fang Qing have heard about it, so she nodded. "I have heard about it! However, I have never seen this potato and cotton. I sent people to investigate but there was no result, so I cast aside and no longer pay attention to it. After all, it got nothing to with our family! You--heard of it? Why do you have such an idea?"

Lian Fang Zhou replied, "I also haven't of it before but wasn't sweet potato also slowly popularize a few years back? It's just that it wasn't mandatory to introduce sweet potato at that time. I was thinking, the imperial government wouldn't trick people! As for potato, it might not be very profitable as there's already sweet potato. It was said that cotton can make clothes so this might be a big break. That's why I want to give it a try!"
You got quite a big gut, little lass. However, isn't your thinking too simplified? What if it fails? What will you do then?" Cui Shao Xi couldn't help probed

Hearing him call her 'little lass', Lian Fang Zhou resisted the urge to beat him up. She asserted, "I feel like it's worth trying. Even if it fails, there won't be much loss! At least, there's the land there. With two-three years max, I can still return the ten thousand liang."

"I didn't mean it like that! Don't misunderstand!" Cui Shao Xi never thought Lian Fang Zhou would respond like this. He immediately felt a bit anxious and a bit embarrassed. Even his face has slightly reddened and awkwardly sent Fang Qing a glance.

The way Lian Fang Zhou explained, make it seems like he is afraid that she couldn't return the ten thousand liang! She wasn't even borrowing his money, so isn't this explanation secretly mocking him for meddling into others' business?

Cui Shao Xi was usually a superficial character, doesn't bother about trifles and charming. There was never a time where he was being put into an embarrassed and awkward position. Su Jing He froze at this sight, while Fang Qing burst into giggles and turned to Lian Fang Zhou and said, "Have cousin really resolved on giving it a try? You must remember that cotton is something that was never seen before and who knows when planting it is there any special to be particular about. Can you handle it?"

Cui Shao Xi could see that Fang Qing was clearly ridiculing him. He felt even more embarrassed on the inside and became somewhat mad. He thought, 'This little lass is really hateful. After this, who know how this couple is going to make fun of me!'

Embarrassed and anxious, he rushed to get back some face. With his head flustered, he blurted, "Isn't it just ten thousand? I can lend it to you! If you earn, then you can return to me and if you fail, you don't have to return!"

Lian Fang Zhou sent him an uninterested gaze and coolly spoke out, "Cui gong zi and I have no relations at all, so how can I possibly borrow Cui gong zi's money? I thank you for your kindness, Cui gong zi but I'll decline!"

Cui Shao Xi never that when he took the initiative to help would be seen as an annoyance by her. His mouth gaped open but was so depressed that no words came out.

From he was young til he grown up, when did he ever received such treatment?

 Su Jing He burst into a hoot of laughter, which was laced with overwhelming joy. Gloating, he guffawed, "I say, Min Zhi (not a name typo?), you actually have a day like this!" 

He found this cousin of his wife very interesting and to his wife he merrily expressed, "Qing er, from what I see, cousin's explanation is reasonable so we can lend the ten thousand silver!"

Fang Qing smiled but did not answer him. Instead, she watched Lian  Fang Zhou and waited for her answer.

Not only did Lian Fang Zhou not get angry or displeased, but she also gained appreciation. Fang Qing did not give a reply like it was a game, this is showing her respect to her.
Lian Fang Zhou nodded her head and uttered, "Cousins, I have given a good thought to the misgivings that cousin mentioned. I want to try!"

"En, since it's like that, we'll lend you the ten thousand liang!" Fang Qing glimpsed at Su Qing He and sincerely said to Lian Fang Zhou.

Immediately, Lian Fang Zhou as overjoyed, while Lian Ze's eyes lit up. The two siblings hurriedly stood and thanked Fang Qing and Su Jing He.

"Now, no need to be over-courteous!" Fang Qing smiled. "Since you said it's borrowing, then we'll lend. We are relatives, so let's not mention about interest or whatever. I won't let you worry about when to return, in short, you have to remember to!"

"Since both cousins trust us, we extremely grateful! When the time comes, we will definitely return the money!" Lian Fang Zhou promised
Fang Qing smilingly nodded and no longer hassled about this matter. "It 's rare for you to come by, so stay two days before you back! Us cousins (just the girls) can have a good chat!"

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze looked at each other. With a shake of her head, she replied, "We can only leave cousin's kindness for next time! Qing er and Cher er are still at home, I'm a bit worried!"

"But it is already pretty late in the day now, even if you returned, at most you'll reach Yun He county town when it gets dark! Might as well stay a night here. Tomorrow, I'll get a horse carriage to send you back. Isn't this way better?" Fang Qing graciously pointed out, "We are cousins if you decline anymore then you regarding me as an outsider!"

Left with no other way, Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze could only agree.
Fang Qing then turned to call Li ma, "In a moment, you must personally arrange the guest rooms. For dinner, come over and eat together! Oh right, there's another person who came with you. He is --"



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  4. @translators: i am presuming that Min zi is Shao Xi's other name. The one close family would use

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