Sunday, 1 April 2018

VGAFH 41-april fool

When Lian Ze came out with Mrs Zhao, his face wasn't very pretty. Hearing Mrs Zhao say like this, he was even more mad. From behind her, he lifted his eyes and shot a glare at her.
While Li Juan's face turned red when she heard it. She couldn't help say with some embarassed anger: "Is Sister-in-law complaining about my movement being slow? But I could only move this fast. How about I don't come at all then!"
"I didn't mean it like that!" Mrs Zhao became anxious when Li Juan talked like this. While she smiled in embarrassment, she looked over at Lian Fang Zhou . She felt that Lian Fang Zhu would help explain on her behalf. Because the current Lian Fang Zhou is very polite and easy-going.
Lian Fang Zhou nodded: "Yes, what you mean is I should give all of my mushrooms to you!"
"That's right. That's right! Now hand it over!" Mrs Zhao reached out her hand to take the sack. "You should repay back all the favour my mother done for you!"
Lian Ze's face turned completely black, while Li Juan was white. Li Juan stepped forward and tried to stop Mrs Zhao. "Sister-in-law, you should apologise! Mother would scold you if you do this."
They all froze in their spot for a moment before turning to look at the direction of the sound. The sun was setting, so the forest looked darker and eerier than earlier. Two glowing dots suddenly appear.
"Run!" Lian Fang Zhou yelled, when she saw something pouncing out of the forest.
Li Juan and Mrs Zhao screamed as Lian Fang Zhou pulled away them from the forest. Lian Ze threw his sack toward the direction of the beast before following behind.
The beast clawed the sack and mushrooms exploded out. It toyed with the mushrooms that has burst out- swatting, gnawing and squeezing.
If Lian Fang Zhou and the others turned back, they would see a wolf pup. But they had already ran out of sight.
"Sister, it's not behind us." After running far away from Mount Xian Teng, Lian Ze turned to glance behind.
The four of them finally stopped and looked back.
"I can't believe... we were.. that meet ferocious beast... on our first day," Mrs Zhao gasped out. "Luckily... I held onto this!"
Mrs Zhao rubbed the sack gently with a delighted grin. Then looked at the others.
Seeing that Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze was empty-handed, she tightened her hold on the sack. "Don't even think of asking to split this sack!"
"But..." Li Juan opened her mouth to speak, however Mrs Zhao has already started dragging her away.
Lian Fang Zhou sighed and shook her head.
"Sister, what should we do? All our effort today is wasted." Lian Ze stared at Lian Fang Zhou in despair.
"As long as we are still alive, we can still earn more money. So don't worry. Let's go back before the others worries." Lian Fang Zhou gave him an encouraging smile.
When they got back, Third Aunt was there waiting for them. Third Aunt's eye quickly glance at their hands and squawk out: "What has happened? Don't tell me you gift everything you gather to THEM!"
Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze looked at each other in surprise. They didn't expect Third Aunt to be waiting for them. But before they can open their mouth, Third Aunt continued on shouting in outrage.
"Fang Zhou ah! How could you just give all those money away. I know Zhang Saozi have helped you a lot. But this isn't the way to pay back gratitude. I must go and take back our share!"
Third Aunt rushed out before Lian Fang Zhou or Lian Ze could explain.

Hehehe... >:D Happy Easter Sunday and April's Fool. Real chapter out 40 in a week or so.


  1. Thanks for the chapter? I'm confused if this is supposed to be an April Fools chapter or chapter 40.

  2. April fools chap! Thanks for reading