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30.Dissolving engagement part 4
Translated by Maggie Edited by Yi Yue

Yun Family
In a young girl's room, a whiff of medicinal fragrance spread all over the room, covering up all the original smell of the room. Yun Luo Feng stood completely naked in front of a bathtub, she slowly lifted a foot and cautiously stretched it toward the wooden tub, when her toes touch the medicinal liquid in bath, an unbearable pain spread through her toes. She hardened her heart, and placed her whole leg into it. That moment, the biting pain made her hand itch to chop off her whole leg, but she understood that if she couldn't endure this hurdle, then can only forever be a trash who can't cultivate!

"Xiao Mo, you told me before, the medicinal bath will be very painful, but I didn't expect it to be this kind of painful."  Yun Luo Feng bitterly smiled, but eventually submerge her whole body in the bath tub.  At this time, she felt countless knives cutting her skin, it hurt so much, she wanted to jump out several times, however, once she thinks of the consequence of failure she will bear , she then firmly gritted her teeth and keep enduring.

"Master, do your best ah, as long as you keep bearing it, then afterward, you are free to travel this mainland!” There's nothing wrong with enduring. Xiao Mo's encouragement made Yun Luo Feng's heart shook, and a steadfast expression flitted on the pale face, and the bewitching eyes gave out a burning light and incomparable calmness.

"What you said is right, I have to keep bearing this pain! For myself, also for this Yun Family ... ..." She lowered her eyes, covering the domineering and arrogance in her eyes, "I want to become stronger, I want the people in this continent to no longer dare to bully me, I want that Mu Xing Chou and the dog of an emperor to kneel in front of my parents grave and apologies one day! I also want to ... ... step on the whole continent under my foot!"

She was never willing to be mediocre with people, in the past life she wasn't,' this life she will also not. In her past life, she studied hard to reciprocate the mentor's adoption, this world, it is to keep living on the mainland ... ... Under this severe pain, Yun Luo Feng passed out several times, then even to the end, the whole body has become numb! But in the end, she still went through it. Until the tub of originally green medicinal liquid gradually become black, did she climb out of the tub.  An hour! A whole hour of time, felt like a century long, quite difficult to bear! And so painful, she would still have to bear whole four more times ... …However, because of experiencing the first time, she suddenly felt that this kind of pain, no longer seems to be unbearable like it originally seemed. It is clear that Yun Luo Feng is quixotic. The pain of the first medicinal bath was the lightest, the more closer you are to finishing, it gets more difficult, and till the fifth day, Yun Luo Feng suddenly found one very serious problems … That is, the General Manor has no money! That's right, her medicinal bath for four times was a whole twenty million liang. This is the General Manor's so many years of accumulated saving. The result was she spent it within four days......Yun Luo Feng was stumped, she could imagine her own grandfather's expression of fury, that after he see the empty treasury.

"Miss, Miss," at this time, the maid, Qing Yan hurriedly ran over, that small face full of anxiousness, "Miss, a big problem, Prime Minister Mu Manor's Mu Shen came to see Miss. Right now General isn't home, what should we do?"
Mu Shen?
After hearing this name, Yun Luo Feng's lips lightly raise: "I was just worried about having no money to buy the medicinal herbs needed for the fifth day medicinal bath. This money sender just arrived......"

At this time, in the courtyard of the front yard, Mu Shen was anxious as he pacing back and forth, his face full of apprehension. He has already been thinking for four days at home! In these four days, he thought of a lot of questions, those questions revolve all around one person - Yun Luo Feng!

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31. Yun Luo Feng's great Swindle -Unedited
He can be certain that his own matter that other have no way of knowing, not even his own grandfather knows.
But then why did Yun Luo Feng know about this?
So, he thought about it a few days, in the end decided to come here to ask this matter!
Far far away, he saw a young girl clad in white clothes, meet/exposed to the sunlight as she walked over, a touch of light shone down and fell down on that peerless, devastatingly beautiful face, she was like person that came out of a painting. Too lovely to be desired.
Within Mu Shen's eyes was some amazement, before, he had never noticed Yun Luo Feng was this beautiful?
Oh right, it should be temperament!
That's right, the current young girl's temperament seem to have changed. No longer the previous flirtatious and decadent, instead, became more confident, even those feature have a touch of arrogance, those eyes were as if it was looking down on the world.
Suddenly, Mu Shen have a feeling that even his own sister, Mu Wu Shuang have no way of comparing with this white-clothed girl. Since the Crown Prince want to break the engagement with her, one day he'll have lifelong regret.

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