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Chapter 1-3.1
Yun Family's Eldest Miss
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Long Xia Mainland

On Long Yuan country’s prosperous imperial streets, the people were well-ordered and stood on both sides of the road, cheering in praise of the victorious return of the great General Yun Luo.

This Yun Luo could also be counted as one Long Yuan’s legends, he guarded the border for several years; so that the neighboring countries wouldn’t dare to invade. Also, not long ago with one swoop, he made four countries become Long Yuan’s subordinates. Hearing of this matter, His Majesty, Long Yan Da Yue not only moved Yun Luo back to the imperial city to receive commendations but also gave a blank edict. With this blank edict, it is the equivalent of His Majesty's promise to do one of anything.

However, after victoriously coming back, the great General Yun Luo didn’t attend the court meeting to see the emperor but instead rushed home; returning to the General's House.

Following behind him, the soldiers were all silent. The reason why the great General Yun Luo is anxious to return home, nobody was clearer than them! All of this is because of the Yun family’s useless eldest Miss.

It was said, during the years when great General Yun Luo was guarding the border, that trash didn’t provoke just a little bit of trouble. Usually arrogant, domineering, rampant and overbearing is fine. But not long ago, she caused a scandal of snatching a pretty man on the street. Leading her to have her marriage annulled by the Crown Prince. But she couldn’t stand this development; so she chose to suicide by hanging herself.

If she really died, then the general household would have one less disaster. Yet, this trash didn’t die; not only was she saved, she seemed have changed into a different person. Locking herself at home and not going out for half a month. So when the great General Yun Luo triumphantly return to the city, he was in a rush to return the General House……

At this time, inside the General House on an artificial hill was a little girl in white. Both hands holding the back of her head as she lazily relaxes on the rocks, eyes half squinted, looking at the blazing sun in the sky.

“I can’t believe that time goes by so quick, I came to this mainland a little more than half a month ago. Thankfully, within this half a month, I have thoroughly accepted this bodies original memories; and also understood what kind of place this is.”

Half a month ago, she was at Hua Xia University studying medicine and accidentally caused an explosion, when she woke up, she found out she came to this strange and unknown world…….

Yun Luo Feng, when she was at Hua Xia she had the same surname and forename, but the difference is, she was Hua Xia University’s top student, the teacher’s most outstanding pupil. But this Yun Luo Feng is a well-known waste, she can’t read nor practice martial arts. She can’t even do the simplest gathering of energy. Don’t even mention becoming a true sorcerer.

In this world, the strong are respected, a waste that can’t become a sorcerer would suffer ridicule and condemnation. The suffering could be imagined.

But this trash, not only does she have a general for a grandfather, she also has Long Yuan's number one female dream lover; His Highness the Crown Prince for a fiance since birth. However, this trash that has the Crown Prince as a completely perfect fiance still felt discontent, and actually dared to molest a man from a good family that even had a wife! Causing the Crown Prince who finally couldn’t endure, risked offending General Yun Luo to terminate the engagement with the trash.

Whoever would have thought that the trash, Yun Luo Feng not only didn't repent, she wanted to use suicide to threaten His Highness the Crown Prince to have a change of heart. However, the Crown Prince just turned around and left. Thankfully the people in General House saved her in time, only then did it exempt her from the misfortune of dying.

However, nobody knew that when Yun Luo Feng was rescued, she was already dead. Now, inside the body was actually Hua Xia’s Yun Luo Feng.

The young girl slowly sat up on the artificial hill, the corner of her lips lifting up into an evil smile.

If that person’s figure wasn’t so similar to the Crown Prince’s and dressed in his clothes, the Yun Luo Feng who deeply loved the Crown Prince wouldn’t recognize the wrong person and mistake him for someone else. She also wouldn't have rushed up to grab him and end up being charged with molesting a pretty man.

Of course, if only people wouldn’t misunderstand Yun Luo Feng’s relationship with that man.

The important reason is that man, when grabbed by her he started to yell: Saying that the Yun family’s Eldest Miss was endlessly pestering him. How she really wanted to force him to be her boy toy. Sadly, Yun Luo Feng isn’t good with words; while panicking she lost the ability to explain herself. So her silence contributed to the situation.

The memory was up to here, the young girl internally sighed: “This Yun Luo Feng is a noble daughter of a general, but is too stupid! She can’t see through such an easy framing trap, and had delusions to use her own life to get back the Crown Prince’s heart! If the Crown Prince didn’t scheme, why would there be someone wearing his clothes in public streets?”

The Crown Prince, Gao Ling, Long Yuan country's number one handsome man. He was really gifted and had outstanding ability! With his identity and position, would he be willing to marry a waste?

So she could understand the grievances of Gao Ling.

However, what she couldn’t understand is, that Gao Ling for not wanting to ruin his reputation, framed Yun Luo Feng as not acting like an engaged woman and molested a pretty man.

At this time, Yun Luo Feng’s close maid Qing Yan ran over in a hurried manner. Her originally panicked face changed into happiness when she saw the young girl sitting on the artificial hill. Hurriedly running to the front of Yun Luo Feng, panting as she said: “Miss, Master General returned,  he ordered you to go see him in the study.”

“Grandfather returned?”

Yun Luo Feng froze for a second, how could she forget. Today is the day of great General Yun Luo’s triumphant return! Not long ago, this was the day the original bodies owner full of expectation had been waiting for! Who knew that she had already died from someone else's scheme before she could see her grandfather, who she had wholeheartedly missed for an entire decade.

“Let’s go, take me to see Grandfather, the old man!”

She regained her awareness and pinched Qing Yan’s delicious apple-like little face. That stunning face showed an evil malicious smile.
(TLN: I can’t believe that such a description for face exists!???)

And then, not waiting for Qing Yan to react, she went toward the study rooms direction.

Inside the General House’s study, a white-haired ashen-faced old person had an expressionless face as he was sitting on the chair. In a serious mood, he looked at the girl in white clothes standing front of him.

Standing at the front, Yun Luo Feng lazily yawned, she already entered this study for half an hour. But in this half an hour, General Yun Luo said nothing; he just expressionlessly looked at her. Seeing that General Yun Luo hadn't opened his mouth, Yun Luo Feng, of course, wouldn’t speak first.

“Recently you did some publicly indecent things, I already heard. Shouldn’t you be giving me an explanation?”

Finally, General Yun Luo couldn’t hold in his anger, with a heavy expression on his old face, he sternly asked.

“What kind of explanation do you want?” She lightly laughed, “If you choose to believe an outside rumor, rather than your granddaughter, then what you heard is what happened, I have no need to explain.”


General Yun Luo slapped the desk, BANG! Under the strength of his hand, the desk was broken into two. With the honor of the old man’s anger, it had become a sacrifice.

“Is this your attitude towards your grandfather?”


Yun Luo Feng laughed, her lips raised and said: “When you were guarding the frontier, did you ever care about me, your granddaughter? When I suffered from humiliation, who stepped up for me? When someone schemed against me, hoping for someone to stand out and protect me, where were you?”

If General Yun Luo wasn’t guarding the frontier, would the former Yun Luo live such a miserable life? Or even be framed and ruined.

So she held resentment in her heart towards this grandfather, who left home when she was four and afterward never came back.

Because of this body’s former owner’s resentment, she would use such words in front of this old man’s face.

However, once Yun Luo Feng finished saying this; she felt her whole body relax as if something broke free. She knew that this bodies original owner wanted to say these words. So the remaining trace of the original bodies regret had disappeared.

The young girl's tone that carried heavy accusation made the full of  fury Yun Luo calm down. His old body that had become paralyzed in the chair, carried a bitter smile on his face.

He knows, throughout the years he owed his granddaughter so much.

Particularly what she just said, like a heavy whack from a punch, ruthlessly striking his heart, made his heart unbearably tight. In the end, all he could do was heavily sigh.


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